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PAGO46 is Cash Payments Platform for online shopping. By integrating you will be part of the largest cash payment network in the region. Depending on whether you are a Business, External Network or 46er you will have a variety of services available. Welcome to the documentation center. When users select "Pay with PAGO46", they starts a flow that allows them to obtain their QR code and see on a map the points closest to their location (46er Points and external networks) to go to make the payment or request a 46er to to go to the consumer's location to withdraw the payment.


A Merchant is any organization that sells its products / services online and has the need to collect or delivery cash payments from/to its consumer users either through a web page, application or another. PAGO46 allows online businesses to collect cash payments (Cash-In) also deliver cash (Cash-Out) through the PAGO46 Network or associated external networks (Ex: CajaVecina (Chile), RapiPago (Argentina), ProvinciaNet (Uruguay), among others). By integrating the PAGO46 once, you will be able to create cash orders and receive notifications of status changes in real time.

External Networks#

Join the largest inter-connected network of cash payments in the region. Like many partners, you can be part of the network to capture cash payments at the payment points in your network. Consumers who need to pay will be able to see the external payment points on the PAGO46 map.

46er Network#

PAGO46 provides a mobile App that allows anyone in the available countries to receive payments and make impulsive sales of a variety of products and services from associated businesses such as: Cell phone recharge, public transportation recharge, Netflix, bill payments, among others. This allows any user of the App to generate extra income by receiving commission for each payment processed.